by artoflosingmyselfblog


I see you are very familiar with today’s technology. I am impressed, however don’t look over an obvious tool; the lie of their safe place within the church. I have clarified to you in the past that I mean the church as they see it presently. Of course, they see it as the “Body of Christ”, but easily mistaken it for a place they do most of their rewarded work. Not all our patients have this desire, but most this desire is elementary. Our best move in these situations are to make them feel as if their volunteering and leadership is what defines them. Most would argue that the best strategy is to make them feel as if they need to do these things to be granted salvation. I find this a lazy act and it does not yield to long term results. Don’t take my advice lightly. I am here to see you achieve. Your current patient is a devout church attender with a record of large amount of volunteer hours in their ministry for the young. The key here is to not have him find identity in the enemy, but in himself. Need I repeat this? You must have him find all his worth in himself serving the church. I have seen this to be a successful strategy. When leading a group of young people, they find it thrilling to be given such a enthusiastic response. I have seen familiar responses likes these in past military situations. Like a general who finds pride and power in leading patriotic sacrificial men, similar to an older person leading a group of young people. Of course this isn’t a war, but I found the same emotional response to be given. Have your patient enjoy the feeling of being in power and divert him from thinking this is for the enemy, but for his own personal gain. For them it feels good to be followed and respected. Most of all, they like to feel wanted. If you can make those things aid you in this process, you will find success not too far away. Patients who volunteer are more restive to these additions. While they are hidden tricks, I have found them the best use of confusing their worth. These inner struggles are unrecognizable and can assist in drawing them farther from the enemy. You must make them believe they aren’t doing this for the glory of our enemy, but their own personal desire to feel wanted and feel power. Like I said earlier in this letter, it isn’t the method of making them believe it will gain salvation, rather for their own self identity.

Your affectionate uncle