by artoflosingmyselfblog

Wormwood –

It has been awhile since we last spoke. Times have changed and I find it increasingly harder to use technology. Of course, you are much more familiar with it than I. But I have noticed some changes in technology that may assist you with you current patient. Lucky for us, smartphones have been increasingly more popular. This is in our favor, due to that fact it contributes to the ongoing distractions these humans are surrounded by. I remember when we last wrote, only radios and televisions were the technological distractions of the day. While I still believe these are essential tools, I find it more valuable that you utilize the use of smartphones. I have found that if any odd ideas may come into their heads, it is easily deserted after the smartphone is in hand. While this makes our job much easier, we must not stop there. If we can add more distractions to his daily life, he will never find time to think of these odd ideas of knowing the enemy. They are not conscious of the noise in their lives. Many are truly unaware of how distracted they are. Most of their time is spent looking on facebook, twitter, and a thing called Instagram. These items are tools we can use to distract them, but the key is to use them correctly. You must use them to divert their attention. The best use of these phone applications are to make them feel inadequate or alone. But overall, the key here is to distract them from the enemy and overall their own thinking. Please look into other daily distractions that may support your work. Besides the hustle and bustle of living, look for distractions within your patient’s home. Do feel free to write me back on this new email address.

Your Affectionate Uncle